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Finding the optimal match between advertisers and publishers has never been easier

GROW AND MONETIZE your audience


We’ll let you focus on the things that really matters the most – growing your business!


We give Advertisers an effective marketing solution through our affiliate network thanks to our cutting-edge technology. We help brands develop and deliver data-driven campaigns that drive awareness, increase conversions, and most of all accelerate their business results.

Receive high quality traffic through deep targeting and automatic optimization from thousands of websites

Advanced Targeting

Get exactly the traffic you want: Geo, device, OS, browser, ISP, carrier, subid, time-of-day, channel and more

Fast Campaign Creation

 Set up your campaign and start advertising within 5 minutes. User-friendly interface, available both on mobile and desktop

Anti-Fraud Technology

State of the art ad serving platform that rejects any kind of bot traffic, click farms, malwares and viruses


Real-time bidding ecosystem allows you to bid in real-time and access billions of daily impressions/clicks from thousands segmented sources

700+ Publishers 

A lot of direct publishers are here to provide you with any volumes of traffic. Different traffic types from more than 200 Geos worldwide will help you to increase your target audience

Multiple Ad Formats

Performance-driven ad formats with high engagement and ROI

Tracking and Reporting 

 Follow your campaigns in real-time, set precise user capping, daily budgets and make your data driven desicions 

First Class Support Team

Our friendly support team is here to help you with any questions. Don’t hesitate to contact us at any time!

Start Your Campaign Immediately

Create your campaign 

Appear on top publishers sites 

Get targeted Audience


Push  Notifications

POPs Ads

Display Banner


Native Ads

Low Starting Budget - only $100

Get 10% cashback to your advertising campaign after 3rd account funds replenish. Contact your AM for details.


We provide Publishers with an amazing eCPM, coverage and high revenue while maintaining great user experience. We achieve it by utilizing our proprietary optimization tools together with our vast number of direct advertisers.

1200+ Advertisers & Brands

Plenty of direct advertiser and brands are ready to buy your website's ads space and different traffic types from more than 200 Geos worldwide. The higher traffic quality, the greater your rates will be. Our advertisers and partners can offer great rates for you

Global Coverage

99.9% of your traffic can be monetized! We have a massive variety of advertisers in every country and every niche, so no impressions or click are being wasted

80% Revenue Share

Exclusive advertisers and brands with direct campaigns and high rates

Fast Payments

Get prompt payments via Paypal, Paxum,  ePayments or Wire Transfer. We issue the payments without any delays. New publishers receive their payments by request

Fast & Easy Integration

Your website will be approved within 1 hour. Get our ad code, feed or endpoint, paste it into your website and start earning

Multiple Ad Formats

We provide a wide variety of web and mobile formats to monetize all your inventory. Push, Popunder, Search, Banner, Native and other traffic types can easly be monetized with us

Real Time Statistics

Get easy to use statistics and detailed report on your ad placement in a real-time

Dedicated Support

A dedicated and experienced account manager will make sure you are always on the right track for making the best out of your website


Push Notifications

POPs Ads

Display Banner


Native Ads

Go Live In No Time 

Sign Up/Create your account 

Get code and place it on your site

Start monetizing your traffic today

10% Referral Program

Refer your friends and earn additional income from their activity without any limits

Sign up as a publisher and take your monetization to the next level 

We offer publishers the following payment methods 

AD types

Push notification

A popunder, triggered when a user clicks anywhere on the page, appears hidden behind the main browser window where it remains unnoticed until the main browser window is closed or minimized, leaving the user’s attention free for the advertisement.

Native Ads

A banner is an advertisement embedded into a web page. Banners have different sizes, can be located in different places, and can be static or animated, depending on the technology used to make them.

Classic display banners in many sizes: 300×250, 468×60, 728×90, 250×250, 120×600, 160×600, 315×300.


Push Notifications are sent to opted in users of a publisher's website. Users receive it on their desktop, tablet and mobile devices even when they are not browsing the internet. 100% high quality traffic and high CTR because users have opted in. Available on CPC or CPM.


Our native advertising offers a fully customizable widget that features images and a short text: title and description. ExoClick's native ads are fully responsive across all devices: desktop, mobile and tablet.

Display Banners

Video is a popular and fast growing type of ads. There are a lot of formats: pre-roll, fullscreen, overlay and so on. Ads are shown before the beginning of the video, which guarantees that the user will definitely watch them. Video ads ensure high level of user involvement, as it is possible to give much more information using them, than, for example, ordinary text-advertising or banners.

About US

Our passion with digital marketing drives us to identify market trends and cutting edge strategies for connecting the brands with their core audience. Each of the digital marketing experts we employ display their passion through the innovative ways they raise the bar in terms of lead generation and brand exposure.

Mission Statement
Our mission is to make marketing meaningful for each brand we work with and to show them a real measurable value from our innovative digital marketing solutions.
Our goal is to offer digital marketing solutions that not only meet, but greatly exceed industry expectations. We strengthen each client’s ability to connect with their core audience.

What We Do
Being a full-service digital marketing agency, our capabilities range from being able to build unique online experiences to driving meaningful visits that convert into long-term streams of revenue for our customers. We offer our cutting edge digital marketing solutions to build and promote an online presence.

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